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You have each been requested to attend Professor Lorrimor’s funeral and will reading. Remember, Ravengro is your hometown, and you each have a special connection with the good professor.

Upon your return, you are greeted by his daughter, Kendra. You are asked to be the pall bearers at the funeral and were confronted by an angry mob of gritty farmers – led by crusty old Gibs Hephenus.

The ever-eloquent Bors quickly deescalated the situation and Father Grimburrow’s funeral went on as normal. The will reading left the party charged with staying in Ravengro for no less than one month while Kendra sorts her affairs. 4 antique tomes and the professor’s journal have been left for the party, along with 100Plat each, should the party return these tombs to the university in Leipstadt (in no less than 1 month).

The party…
• found a blood splattered “V” over the monument to the legendary prison warden.
• heard a creepy nursery rhyme illustrating the legends of the prison ghosts
• has done research on the 5 prisoners and the Whispering Way
• was oddly attacked by stirges in broad daylight


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